Service for property management companies and landlords

This is a commercial cleaning service that is fully tailored to your individual needs – we can visit when your tenants leave or when you are wanting to make good your property before you rent it. We start with an optional thorough detail-clean throughout your property or if you have a specific room or area that needs special attention we can help. If a deep clean is required we will advise.

Commonly this services includes: Dusting, Removal of cobwebs, Vacuuming of all carpets, Dusting of ceiling fans / lights, Clean mirrors and glass surfaces, Wiping of window sills, Clean doors, Clean prints on windows / doors, Wipe furniture, Wash all floors, Clean all skirting boards. In the Bathrooms: Clean / sanitise sinks, basins, showers, baths, toilets, Clean mirrors, Dust light fixtures, Wash floors. In the kitchen: Clean all work/counter tops, Clean outside microwave, Wipe down cabinet facings, Clean all appliances outside, Polish stainless steel appliances, Clean and polish tiles, Clean glass doors, Clean, sanitise & polish sinks, Wash floors.

Additional Services: Not offered as a standard service but if asked and convenient we can provide these services in addition to our general cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning

We don’t advertise ourselves as carpet cleaning specialists but can provide this service for an additional charge but do not handle extremely dirty carpets that need extra care.

Stubborn Stains

If you have a problem area that needs more than a general clean we can purchase the correct solution and charge a little extra for working hard on extreme stained areas.

Our team are happy to discuss the following additional services:

If you are moving house and want either the destination property or vacating property cleaned simply ask for a quote.

If you have had a special event at your house such as a party or gathering we can help put your property or home back to the way it is. Nice and clean and ready for living again.

Often only requested once or twice a year we offer a food safety and sanitation of your fridge.