Cleaning services above and beyond general cleaning

Just like a thorough spring clean, deep cleaning is a service that focuses on all areas of a room. Hard-to-reach ledges, windows, light fixtures and above cabinets. Basically, all the places that are too hard to reach during your normal cleaning routine are part of a deep clean.

This could, for example, be kitchen cupboards clean inside and out, or it could be cleaning walls in a bathroom. It entails us looking at and cleaning all surfaces within a room and if requested the cleaning of hard furniture and more.

Deep cleaning can also be used for commercial and residential clients and to give a firm price we often have to view the property and quote accordingly.

Carpet Cleaning

We don’t advertise ourselves as carpet cleaning specialists but can provide this service for an additional charge but do not handle extremely dirty carpets that need extra care.

Extreme Stains

If you have a problem area that needs more than a deep clean we can purchase the correct solution and charge a little extra for working hard on extreme stained areas.